Access your personalised care plan at your convenience.

Our suite of applications facilitates the creation of patient engagement content and the development of personalized care plans that can be used by the patients.


Via : The Digital Patient Journey.

Incareview’s applications for Intelligent Care Transition addresses the core issue of avoidable readmissions by providing Caregivers and Patients a unique platform that creates personalized discharge care plans.

The patient, when using Incareview’s VIA app, will have instant access anytime, anywhere to their care plan. This will ensure greater adherence to their doctor’s instructions, it will also lead to a significant reduction in adverse events leading to a reduction in avoidable readmissions. Our suite of applications facilitates the creation of patient engagement content and the use of this content in the development of personalized care plans that can be used by the patient in the community.The Incareview technology will facilitate the creation of the care-plans by interfacing and automating the data, information and content for the discharge manager, thus saving time while ensuring input for the full care team in preparing the care plan.

The use of these applications will reduce avoidable readmissions into hospital by 10%.



Why Via?

The process of discharge from hospitals is not adequately addressing the needs of patients. Discharge nurses/doctors have insufficient time and resources to provide a detailed personalized care plan to each patient. Beds are at a premium and getting the patient discharged is the priority. Thus, a patient arrives home unsure what they were told and what they should do. Patients are often left unprepared at discharge. Many patients do not understand their discharge medications and cannot recall their chief diagnosis. About half of adults experience a medical error after hospital discharge, and 19%- 23% suffer an adverse event, There is a significant cost to healthcare worldwide for these avoidable readmissions and also the personal cost to the patient.

Application Features

For Hospitals

Care Plan

Auto-generate personalised discharge care-plans.

Advanced Technology

Built with state of the art technologies to analyse patient data in managing their discharge care plans.

User Experience

Simple and intuitive user experience.

Seamless Integration

HL7 & FHIR Integration.

Engaging Content

Rich patient engagement content provider.


GDPR Complaint

For Patients

feature feature

Care Plan

Access your personalised care plan from your smartphones at your convenience.

feature feature

Care Team

Access to your care team at your fingertips.

feature feature


Never miss your Hospital Appointments.

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Medication reminders and its information.

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The complete digital health prescription provider.

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Incareview is a digital healthcare technology company based in Cork, Ireland. We have a unique mix of technologists who have worked in Healthcare for many years and practicing healthcare nursing professionals. The Incareview team has been working in hospitals/hospital technology for a combined 45 man-years.


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